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Rohan Krishan Ratan is a natural musician who has been born into a family where music is practiced and performed with great passion. His father, Shri Prakash Khatry, a senior tabla exponent, had noticed Rohans immense musical potential and inclination from a very tender age, and hence, very justifiably, initiated him into music where he started learning and identifying the "Saptaswaras" from his mini keyboard at the age of only three and a half years. This acute sense of shruti helped him when he went on to learn to play the santoor, as it was his father’s wish that his son take on something which is rare and seldom used. Rohan learnt to hit the hammer on the strings very quickly, and in fact his natural flair was so brilliant that he was seen performing on stage from a very infant age of only five years!! For this rare feat,he was invited to play santoor at the Doordarshan of Patna at this tender age, for a half an hour slot. Very naturally, he has often been referred to as the "Kam Umr Ustaad" and " Nanhi Jaan Unchi Udaan".
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