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DSC_7962.jpgRohan Krishan Ratan is a natural musician who has been born into a family where music is practiced and performed with great passion. His father, Shri Prakash Khatry, a senior tabla exponent, had noticed Rohans immense musical potential and inclination from a very tender age, and hence, very justifiably, initiated him into music where he started learning and identifying the "Saptaswaras" from his mini keyboard at the age of only three and a half years. This acute sense of shruti helped him when he went on to learn to play the santoor, as it was his father’s wish that his son take on something which is rare and seldom used. Rohan learnt to hit the hammer on the strings very quickly, and in fact his natural flair was so brilliant that he was seen performing on stage from a very infant age of only five years!! For this rare feat,he was invited to play santoor at the Doordarshan of Patna at this tender age, for a half an hour slot. Very naturally, he has often been referred to as the "Kam Umr Ustaad" and " Nanhi Jaan Unchi Udaan".

Initially, he used to play the santoor straight, with the instrument tuned in a specific raaga and within the parameters of the given notes. But the limitation of this method of playing left him frustrated and looking for more. He thought that justice was not being done to this magnificient "Shatatantri Veena" as he was not able to use all the hundred strings at a time and not being able to play all the twelve notes, so, after years of trial and error and perseverence, he came out with an unique method of playing the santoor in a chromatic way, which no other artist of India till date has done, this Midas touch is the real class and identity of a genius. Here, he uses both the left and the right rows of the santoor together, plays more than one raaga at a time and that too on their variant moods and at the same time at various scales without even tuning the instrument all over again. This way he elevated the scope of "vaadan" and the adaptability of the instrument in all situations inventing a unique method of playing which makes him the only santoor player of India to have achieved this commendable feat!! Behold!! This musical genius has not stopped at this; he dreams of seeing the santoor being played for every genre, for every type of music and in all walks of life!! He has also designed his santoor in a special manner with extra bridges, so that he is able to play any one note he wants to play at a given time. His research on various ways to improve the santoor tone as well as the tuning method for long sustenance is on, and very soon we may see him using a modified version of chromatically tuned santoor too.

Another speciality of this talented exponent is his easy rendering of Gayaki or bhavas and emotions on the santoor, without bending the string. His presentation is more dramatic as he plays the different moods of the same raaga, at one time. For guidance of a superior level, to improve his understanding and depth of raagas, he is taking the help of Padmavibhushan Ustaad Ghulam Mustafa Khan. Another speciality is his ability to play the santoor blindfolded, as well as from the opposite direction, and even when the instrument is covered with a fabric, all these are quite impossible deeds which he has mastered with ease!! Rohan feels that at last he has been able to adopt the justified methodology of playing the santoor the way it should be, by utilising all the 100 strings!!

Being very adept in playing gayakis, he is very popular amongst the playback circuit in the television and film industry for rendering background tracks, as well as playing soul rendering cine songs to enthral the audiences. His immense grip and deep understanding of Indian raagas makes him a natural player with the melodies and hence, is a natural composer of sweet melodious music. His delectable renditions of different difficult raagas, make him a rare artist of class, creativity and quality . Rohan is an A grade artist of CMA and a B high grade artist of AIR and DOORDARSHAN.

Rohan’s sister Sachi Khatry is also a santoor exponent showing great promise and performing extensively professionally. Rohans brother Devasish Khatry is also a gifted tabla Artist who has received his training from his Guru,his own father, Mr Prakash Khatry.